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What is Coastal Scavenging?  Coastal scavenging is what we do in various places to find marine pollution.  When scavenging we could be walking the coastline, diving on reefs or poking around river estuaries. 

Safety First     when scavenging 

How do we scavenge? 


1 / The Coastal Scavenger (Main vessel) will anchor as close to the coastline as possible.

2 / Complete a toolbox meeting where we develop a scavenging plan and conduct our risk assessments.

3 / Use tenders to get to the coastlines in a suitably safe area for disembarkation.

4 / Two members will always be ashore together and have constant UHF communication with the OOW onboard as they follow the scavenging plan collecting pollution.

5 / Depending on sea conditions the members can use a tender to bring bags back to the main vessel or opt for our winch setup option to get the bags out through surf and unfavorable conditions.


- As above, however instead of taking a tender to the shore members will use tenders to get to reefs where they will dive and collect rubbish.


What to do if you get injured while scavenging:

1-Make one of our team members aware of what has happened.

2-Our team member who is trained in first aid will then administer first aid.

3-If the injury is deemed to require medical attention, you request or if you had fallen in the water a ambulance will be called.

4-An incident report will be completed and signed.