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We need all the loyal supporters we can get to ensure we are able to clean marine pollution 100% of the time and try to get on top of this increasing issue.

Without funds we cannot clean.. The Coastal Scavengers need to clean marine pollution 7 days a week 12hours a day to start getting on top of this horrible issue we are facing.  We rely on donations to keep the operation running and all 100% of the funds go to supporting and making our clean-up efforts happen.  A day of scavenging typically starts at 0500h and ends at 1700h (Tide and weather dependent).  We hate finding marine pollution and unfortunately once we start looking it just never ends...We have a plan to get on top of this but its going to take many long days, many nights away from home at sea and many days away from our families.  We will succeed and we won't give up.

I personally want thank each individual that chooses to become a loyal supporter and help us clean Australian marine pollution once and for all. 

Steven Cox (Founder/CEO)

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